Word Craze Daily Puzzle September 20 2020 Answers

Here are all the Word Craze Daily Puzzle September 20 2020 Answers. I have grouped each of the crossword clues for today so that you can easily find what you are looking for. Word Craze is a terrific crossword puzzle game with a very sleek design suitable for all ages.

Word Craze Daily Puzzle September 20 2020 Answers

  • Continuously interlinking a series of loops of yarn using needle
  • Rap technique involving giving an improvised lyrical performance on a beat
  • Eddie Murphy’s 1983 comedy special where he was wearing red outfit
  • Jury verdict that a criminal defendant is not guilty
  • Thomas ______ was a Founding Father who served as the third president of America
  • All letters excluding vowels letters like B C D F and G
  • Official document that allows one to travel abroad
  • Kitchen appliance that uses heated air to make low fat fries and other crispy foods
  • Fabric coverings for windows
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