Brain Out – Tricky Games To Test Your Common Sense

Brain Out is a puzzle app with full of engaging minigames, which are admittedly quite tricky and witty. The game description itself states that the whole purpose is to think ‘out of the box’. Brain Out reminds me a lot of the Impossible Quiz!

My Review

When I first downloaded this game, I honestly had no idea what to expect. The user interface is designed in a cartoon style; this gives off a nice and casual vibe. From previous reviews and the app’s description, all I knew was that my logic and brainpower would be put to the test.The game is mainly marketed to children, but I personally think that it’s great for all ages, as I saw myself having fun with it within the first few seconds. Another bonus is that I haven’t come across any intrusive advertisements so far (on IOS), which makes me really glad that I don’t have to sit through any unnecessary 30 second videos.


Since I’d like to consider myself quite smart, I initially believed that this game would be ridiculously easy, but I was soon proven wrong.

This is the puzzle I came across on the second level. There was an image of ducks (which looked adorable by the way), and I had to select how many were shown.

There were 4 answers: 8, 9, 10, 11.

I started counting all the ducks I could see right away, then put ‘10’ as my answer. You can imagine my surprise and horror when that red X appeared on my screen.

At first, I was confused and thought that the game was broken. However, after taking a closer look, I eventually noticed that one of the ducks on the left was a fake!

See what I mean? This game is designed to mess with your mind, purposefully irritate you a bit by checking just how attentive you are.


I am not even ashamed to say that I got this next puzzle wrong. Here, you can see 4 animals: A hamster, giraffe, elephant and dog.

Now, I had to select the tallest one. Using the things my teachers taught me in school, I clicked the giraffe with excitement.

The answer was again incorrect. Only after clicking the elephant and staring at the screen for a few moments, did I notice that pesky sun in the top left corner! Realizing that it was the tallest one here, I immediately felt quite stupid before moving on.


However, some solutions for these puzzles aren’t that great. Take Level 4 as an example:



I clicked on all the watermelons, feeling defeated as every single one was incorrect. Turns out that the watermelons are actually movable, and you can drag them away to reveal a bitten one. This could just be me feeling frustrated, but I find this solution to be quite lackluster. There is no clue or notification showing that this is possible… But, you live and you learn.

After playing this game for a while, I’ve come to really enjoy the interactive aspect of it. The overall aesthetic is really appealing and colorful, keeping me constantly engaged. There are various different type of puzzles. Some test your attention to detail, while others rely on memory and common knowledge.

What happens if you can’t figure out the solution? You can use hints in-game to figure out the answer; plus, there are plenty of free walkthroughs you can find online.


I’ll definitely continue playing this game to improve my common sense and not be so gullible. I can say with confidence that I’ve learned a thing or two…

Overall, I think that Brain Out is a great game to pass time and keep yourself thinking. It is available for both Apple and Android devices.

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