Word Relax Daily Challenge July 13 2020 Answers

Here you may find the Word Relax Daily Challenge July 13 2020 Answers and Solutions. Word Relax has been around for a couple of months now and the main difference between Word Relax and all its competitor word games is the fact that they reward you with real cash. Yes you read it right Word Relax pays you for solving the game levels. While I do understand that initially you get more cash to lure you in its still free money at the end of the day. They also have a Daily Challenge which gives you the opportunity to earn even more coins. I have decided to share every single day the Word Relax Daily Challenge Answers for all my fellow readers so if you are looking for today’s answers you are in the right place.

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Word Relax Daily Challenge July 13 2020 Answers

  • REED
  • DEER
  • RED
  • TREE
  • CEDE
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Carl Elias

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